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lake tarawera deer hunting

Are you a hunter?

Hunting in Lake Tarawera might be just for you.

Lake Tarawera offers plenty of outdoor activities for each visitor. There are wallabies, goats, pigs as well as deer to be hunted. Most visitors prefer to hunt deer. You will double your experience when you go out hunting since you will also enjoy scenic views. For those that love hunting, this is a perfect spot.


 In the lake tarawera region 2 types of Deer can be seem.

1) Red

2) Sambar

Also apart from this you can see possum, pigs. Hunting season starts from mid February and continues till mid of November. 


One of the most important things that you should know before going out hunting is that some areas are restricted. To hunt in the public conservation land, you need to acquire a permit which can be done from a local office or over the internet. Before embarking on your Lake Tarawera deer hunting trip you should get a map of the hunting areas. This will not only guide you in where you have high chances of catching a deer, but it will also save you time and help you make an informed decision. Outdoor stores and hunting shops as well as bookshops are some of the areas you can get your hunting map.

There are seasonal restrictions which you should be aware of when thinking of Lake Tarawera hunting. If your sole purpose of visiting this amazing destination is to hunt deer, you should avoid doing so between the last weekends of November all the way to the first week of February. During this time, several spots are closed for hunting. They include Lake Okataina, Lake Okareka and Lake Tarawera Scenic Reserve. This means that you will not have access to these spots.

If you are looking for a great experience during your Lake Tarawera deer hunting trip, you will definitely have it. There are two main deer species which are the Red and Sambar. Most of the visitors who have engaged in hunting here can attest that it is one of the most rewarding experiences.

There are small reserves that make up public conservation land. In some instances as a hunter, you need to talk to forestry companies or farmers in order to access these areas. However, some of them can be reached by taking public roads.

If you are planning to have your dogs along your Lake Tarawera deer hunting, it is highly advisable that they are certified. This is done by the bird aversion training. You must have full control of your dogs along with your hunting permit for the area that you will be in. Each hunter in an area with an open hunting permit can have two dogs at maximum.

Lake Tarawera hunting is fun as long as you know great hunting spots. As a hunter you should be careful of where you step considering that geothermal activities formed most of this land. Hunting here gives you a scenic experience as you enjoy being in nature and doing what you love. There are campsites and tracks that are maintained by the Department of Conservation. As a hunter, you should not hunt within 100 m of these areas.

Also always follow firearms safety rules such as loading fire arms only when needed, never when within 500 meters of a hut.

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