Lake Tarawera eruption

The great Lake Tarawera eruption


Hearing the interesting stories of the huge eruption of Mt. Tarawera will surprise you. It is said that 11 days to the eruption, there were signs at the Lake Tarawera but no one could tell that an eruption was about to take place. The locals said that a ghostly waka was seen as he was paddled across the lake. By visiting here, you will be able to relive the memories of those that experienced the Lake Tarawera eruption

On June 10, 1886, 126 years ago, the locals were woken up by a sequence of terrifying earthquakes before they felt a larger one. It is the large earthquake that came with massive explosions which was a terrible night for the occupants of Te Wairoa now known as the Buried Village. Lake Tarawera volcano is in the record as being one of the greatest natural disasters of New Zealand. The eruption caused havoc the whole night and those that survived it would attest to how horrible the experience was. Today, you can clearly see the evidence on the landscape.

The effects of the lake Tarawera volcano

Just like any other volcano is devastating to the surrounding communities, Lake Tarawera eruption was not different. People died, properties were destroyed and the landscape changed forever. Ash, rocks and mud were thrown all over for over 4 hours during the eruption. This is what killed over 150 people although the actual number has never been established, the Te Wairoa and other small villages were buried; the Pink and White terraces were also destroyed. The lake was also raised by 12 meters. The Pink and White terraces damage was a big hit to the country’s tourism since it is known to have been one of the first tourist attraction sites in New Zealand.

Today, there is so much to see and hear here. Despite the area being bushy, visitors can clearly see the massive change caused by the Lake Tarawera volcano. The landscape is quite unique from any other that you can visit. As it is shaping up, the evidence of the eruption is breathtaking. It is one of the many reasons visitors from across the globe come here to enjoy boat trips, mountain biking, marathon and walking. By taking a tour of this area, you come across bubbling mud pools, volcanic craters that are active while others are inactive, spouting geysers and the buried village among other attractions as a result of the eruption. It is an amazing opportunity to experience nature at its best.

The best way to experience the effects of the eruption

Although you may read all there is to learn about Lake Tarawera eruption, the best way to experience the effects is by visiting the destination. There are various tour options that you can undertake. Take a walk along the many walking trails, enjoy mountain biking with your family or friends and even take part in an annual marathon. It is one of the most beautiful environments you can be in.