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Lake Tarawera Facts

Interesting facts about Lake Tarawera


The condition of the rainbow trout of Lake Tarawera and its size are some of the things that make this a picturesque lake. One of the Lake Tarawera facts is that this is one of the New Zealand’s largest lakes that attract anglers and tourists from across the globe. There are many ways that you can explore the lake together with its surroundings. One way is by enjoying a boat trip across which expands your boundaries and allows you to see the surroundings from a totally different angle.


It used to be home to several villages


Before the year 1886, there were several small villages that included Te Waroia. There were missionary settlements and Maori villages until the famous eruption. One of the interesting Lake Tarawera facts is that a few days just before the catastrophic event, a phantom canoe locally referred to as waka wairua was seen across the lake. Waka Wairua is a phantom canoe. This was later said that it was a bad omen and a sign of death. The eruption happened eleven days later and buried the existing villages killing over 150 people. You can visit the buried village today and learn more about the eruption.


It’s a deep lake


It is an interesting fact that any water that gets into Lake Tarawera either through the ground or directly, stays for about 10 years. Water from geothermal springs adjacent to the lake and from several lakes ends up here.


Fishing here is unique


Fishing in Lake Tarawera is unique. There are fishing charters; you can hire a boat for self-drive to go out in search of a trophy trout. Once here, you will understand the reason anglers from around the globe love fishing in this lake. What makes the lake a popular fishing spot is not only that there are various spawning areas, but one of the Lake Tarawera facts is that you can catch a fish of over 4kgs. If you have never caught a fish before, you will once you are here. It has a spawning reserve from the footbridge upwards. Visitors also engage in fly fishing and trolling.


It is home to hot springs

Not many lakes have natural hot pools. This is another fact that gives Lake Tarawera some uniqueness. There is what is called the Hot Water Beach where there are natural hot springs that visitors can bath in. In fact you can make your own outdoor pool.


Great place for kayaking

Another one of Lake Tarawera facts is that it means a burning spear and is perfect for kayaking. Kayaking is a favorite water sport that is a many love. In Lake Tarawera, there are kayaks for hire that you can use which guarantees amazing views across the lake.


You enjoy some extraordinary landscape views from the lake


Every visitor that comes to Lake Tarawera can attest to that this is home to an extraordinary landscape. This is due to the great eruption of the year 1886 that is still in history as one of the worst natural disasters to have hit New Zealand. There are many Lake Tarawera facts that you can learn once there.