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Swimming in Lake Tarawera

When you visit the Lake Tarawera region, whether you love water sports activities or you just love being in a beautiful beach, you will love every moment of it. Imagine being able to access a beach and swimming your way to a lake! It is an amazing experience that every visitor enjoys. In fact it is advisable to have your swimming gears every time you plan to visit this beautiful destination since Lake Tarawera swimming is a must.


Tip: Lake Tarawera is not a shallow lake so families with kids might not consider swimming too deep. 


One of the favorite swimming spots in Lake Tarawera is the Hot Water Beach. Here there are plenty of natural hot springs that will relax your body and the Lake Tarawera water temperature is out of this world. To get to the natural swimming pools, you can paddle your way from various points. There are kayaks that you can hire and you can come with your own.  At the end of the Tarawera Road, you head to the famous Landing which was a takeoff point during the World War. Get into a boat, kayak or water taxi and head to the Lake tarawera Hot Water Beach.


In this part of southern Lake Tarawera, you will have spectacular views of the lake, the skies and the bush. You make your own natural bath tub where you can swim and relax with your friends. With the Lake Tarawera water temperature, the warm swim relaxes your body in a great way. It is a must do for every visitor to Lake Tarawera and the reason you should not leave your swimming attire behind.


Swimming options

There are numerous swimming spots in the lake to fulfill everyone’s desire. Whether you love shallow swimming at the beach, or creating your own swimming pool, this possible in Lake Tarawera.  Whichever one you use, the Lake Tarawera water quality can never disappoint you. You can enjoy a deep water swim by taking a boat ride further into the lake or enjoy a shallow swim. The latter is the best for families with kids and the elderly.

The lake Tarawera water quality is monitored annually to ensure they are safe for bathing. With this, you are assured that you will enjoy swimming with a risk of contracting any waterborne disease which will definitely give you peace of mind. If there is any risk to public health, the public is informed not to swim.

If you love a warm swim and great water temperature (summer temperature stays around 22 degrees), you should ensure that you enjoy swimming in Lake Tarawera. You can engage in other water sports activities such as kayaking, jet skiing and fishing. You can combine various activities such as fishing, taking a walk or the famous marathon and enjoying a swim. One of the best times to take a dip in the lake is during summer when temperatures are high. There is a lot of hot water swimming and it is an opportunity to work on your distance.

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