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If you love walking in a perfect outdoor environment, Lake Tarawera is the place for you. There are many public walking trails that you do not need a permit to access although there are others that you must get a permit. Whether you opt for a guided walk or one that is not guided, you will find something that suits you. Once on these trails, you will understand why trampers love various Lake Tarawera walking tracks.


Follow the Tarawera trail


With views of the lake, spring fed streams, the Hot Water Beach, the mountain famous for the 1886 eruption and native bushes, the best Tarawera lake walk should be on the Tarawera Trail. It gives you the most spectacular views you can get when taking a walk in this destination. On a moderate walk, it will take you 4 hours and 50 minutes. At the end of the trail, you will get to the Hot Water Beach where you can create your outdoor pool to cool off although the water is hot. If you feel too tired and you would like to spend a night in the bush, there are camping spots.


Accessing the Tarawera Trail


Running for about 15 km, you can embark on your walking from the southern side of the famous Buried Village. This village is located on Lake Tarawera’s western side. If you are at the Landing and you would like to use this as one of your Lake Tarawera walking tracks, you do not have to go to the Buried Village. At the Landing’s far right, there is the Fish and Game Trail which you can use to access the Tarawera Trail.
A great outdoor environment


One of the benefits of following this trail is that you do not walk in scotching sun. As you enjoy your Tarawera lake walk, giant mamaku ferns will offer the shade while pohutakawa and rata trees will be above you. In between this, you will get some viewing points with spectacular views of Mount Tarawera, plenty of bays, historic sites and the lake. It is a trail that offers different angles of the area. You also get to see the various Lake Tarawera inlets and Lake Rotomahana.
You cannot get lost


If you decide to enjoy Tarawera lake walk with friends and you are completely unfamiliar with this destination, do not worry about how you will get from one point to the other. This is because there is signage along the way. This does not only show you the right direction, but it also gives an estimate time to be taken.

The Tarawera Trail is one of the Lake Tarawera walking trails that is quite rewarding. It offers a refreshing environment and spectacular views along the way. If you love walking and you are an adventurer, this is a route that is worth taking. You can combine it with various other outdoor activities such as swimming, mountain biking or even taking a boat cruise.


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