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When you are in Lake Tarawera, you will love mountain biking in rotorua. While some may opt to take a walk or even a boat cruise, adventurous ones like you, will go mountain biking. Mountain biking is a fun way to explore this amazing destination especially when you are with friends or a group. You … Read more

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Lake tarawera swimming

Swimming in Lake Tarawera When you visit the Lake Tarawera region, whether you love water sports activities or you just love being in a beautiful beach, you will love every moment of it. Imagine being able to access a beach and swimming your way to a lake! It is an amazing experience that every visitor … Read more

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lake tarawera deer hunting

Are you a hunter? Hunting in Lake Tarawera might be just for you. Lake Tarawera offers plenty of outdoor activities for each visitor. There are wallabies, goats, pigs as well as deer to be hunted. Most visitors prefer to hunt deer. You will double your experience when you go out hunting since you will also … Read more

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lake tarawera walking tracks

If you love walking in a perfect outdoor environment, Lake Tarawera is the place for you. There are many public walking trails that you do not need a permit to access although there are others that you must get a permit. Whether you opt for a guided walk or one that is not guided, you … Read more

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Lake Tarawera Facts

Interesting facts about Lake Tarawera   The condition of the rainbow trout of Lake Tarawera and its size are some of the things that make this a picturesque lake. One of the Lake Tarawera facts is that this is one of the New Zealand’s largest lakes that attract anglers and tourists from across the globe. … Read more