Going camping in Lake Tarawera

Going camping in Lake Tarawera


Lake Tarawera camping gives each visitor an experience they will not have anywhere else and the beauty of this destination is that there are plenty of campsites that you can choose from. Tarawera outlet and the Humpries Bay are some of the best campsite areas. It is not all about camping but also when you go to rotorua campsites, there are plenty of activities that you will engage in. When you are in a Lake Tarawera campsite, there are outdoor activities such as fishing, swimming, jet skiing and hunting that you can engage in among others.


Camping in the Humpries Bay


When you decide to go camping Lake Tarawera, you should be embraced for a relaxing experience. One of the best options to go camping is the Humpries Bay near Lake Tarawera hot water beach camping. To get to the camping site, you can take a walk or get there by boat. If you decide to take a walk, you start your trekking from Tarawera Outlet, you will enjoy scenic sights along the Northern Tarawera Track as you head to the lake’s southern end. You will end up in one of the most sought after Tarawera camping sites.


Tarawera outlet campsite


Lake Tarawera Outlet campsite is a perfect spot for those who want a great camping experience in the wild yet as comfortable as their own homes. This is a self-registration camping area that is spacious and is accessible by foot, car or by boat. Whether you are out with your relatives of friends, you will love this spot. 


Facilities at the Tarawera outlet 


Your comfort is well taken care of and that is why this Lake Tarawera campsite is well-equipped. There is a cooking shelter, a boat ramp, toilets and reticulated water supply. If you have a canine friend who you do not want to leave at home, they can stay in the campsite comfortably. This gives you an assurance that if you are attached to your pet, you will not be separated to one of the rotorua campsites.


For those looking forward for a Lake Tarawera camping experience, they can access the campsite via Kaweraw by car. However, ensure you obtain a permit for using the forestry road.  It is a perfect camping spot even for families during summer holidays. One advantage with this campsite is its strategic location since it is near some of the best walking tracks and trout fishing areas. You do not have to trek for long distances to engage in other activities. Also known as Ta Tapahoro, watersports and fishing are very popular here considering the camp is alongside the lake.


When you plan your next holiday in Lake Tarawera and you prefer a unique Lake Tarawera camping ground, look no further. Whether you are travelling in a group, with your partner or with family, you can get affordable camping rotorua. Besides affordability, you will enjoy basic amenities such as running water, toilets and powered sites. This will make you enjoy your rotorua camping more just like you were in your house.