lake tarawera boat cruise

Lake tarawera boat cruise

Taking a boat trip across Lake Tarawera

Do you love exploring destinations from different angles? Your desires will come true when you visit this amazing destination. Your trip to Lake Tarawera is one of the best experiences that you will get. Being here and not taking a Lake Tarawera boat trip is not a complete tour. You will need to get across the lake to appreciate it and enjoy the destination from different angles. Besides seeing the surroundings from a different and amazing angle, you can take a boat trip when you go out fishing. Going for trout fishing is one of the best ways that you can enjoy a boat trip.

One of the advantages of Lake Tarawera boat cruise is that you will enjoy scenic tours across the lake. Surrounded by nature and cruising on nature, you will have a chance of encountering the nature at its best. Cruise past varieties of flora and fauna, see different kind of bushes and view different bird species. In fact, this is one reason that it is considered a paradise for birdwatchers.

Opt for self-drive or pedal boats

The best starting point for your Lake Tarawera boat trip is the Landing which was initially used in the 19th century as the departure point for those heading to the Pink and White terraces.  Here you can also enjoy a delicious meal before or after your boat trip. Being here, you can opt to have a self-drive boat or a pedal boat. It’s an amazing experience whether you are in a group; you are in Lake Tarawera as friends or as a family. Kids will definitely love the pedal boats which they can assist in operating.

You do not have to be going on a long boat trip for you to enjoy since you can also take short boat trips to various attraction sites. The famous Hot Water Beach where there is natural hot springs that gives you a chance to bath in nature is one of the most sought after attractions here. You can only access these attractions by boat. After a long day full of adventure or following walking trails, you can take a boat to cool off at the Hot Water Beach.

Taking a walk or participating in a marathon will allow you to see what nature has to offer but when you want to expand your boundaries and enjoy more, you need to take a Lake Tarawera boat cruise. You do not have to hire a boat since you can opt for an accommodation option that offers boats.

It is quite amazing the attraction sites that you will pass by when you take a boat cruise. Besides the bushes and the birds, you will see different marine life especially trout in their spawning areas. The waters are clear and the environment is refreshing. Taking this trip will make you understand why so many people consider Lake Tarawera one of the best destinations to be in when they visit New Zealand.