Enjoying the best of Lake Tarawera hot water beach

Lake Tarawera gives every guest an experience to remember. Everyone has seen hot water but not everyone have seen what hot water beach Lake Tarawera has to offer. Hot areas can be seen in various parts where natural hot springs bubble under the sand. It is a great experience that thrills people from all walks of life especially those that have not seen thermal water in nature.

Most of the visitors can attest that the hot areas are not only amazing to look at, but the Lake Tarawera hot water beach leaves everyone with great memories. You can create your outdoor bath surrounded by sand and once you are done here, you can swim in the lake. As the natural hot water pour into the lake edge as they pour from the hillside, it is a spectacle to behold.

Reaching Lake Tarawera hot pools

There are several Lake Tarawera hot pools with some in the bush while others are by the cliff. When you want to experience what these pools have to offer, you can catch a tourist ferry, follow a walking trail or take a boat. It depends on how fast you want to get there.

Beautiful and clean hot water beach

Besides bathing in a natural hot water pool, there are various benefits that you will enjoy when you visit the Lake Tarawera hot water beach. The waters are clean thus you do not have to worry about waterborne diseases.

Location of the Hot Water Beach

It is interesting how you can create an outdoor bath after enjoying a Lake Tarawera hot water beach walk. Te Rata Bay which is also known as Hot Water Beach can be found at Lake Tarawera’s western corner. You create your outdoor hot water pool by collecting large rocks that contain the water. Create a circle pool or a square one or even any other shape. Following the Tarawera Trail, your Lake Tarawera walk to hot water beach will take about 5 hours. You enjoy amazing sights along the way.

These Lake Tarawera hot springs are in one of the most beautiful settings that you can see surrounded by different flora and fauna. The waters are not only hot and clean, but when you sit down, they cover you perfectly as they are chest high. This keeps your body warm in nature. For your own comfort, this man-made pool has a gravel bottom. This means you do not have to worry about dangerous insects on the surface of the pool. The Lake Tarawera hot water beach is large enough to enjoy bathing with a few friends or family.

If you would like to have a few baths for some days, you do not have to tramp or take a boat here every day. You can opt for Lake Tarawera hot water beach camping as this is a perfect spot to do so. It’s a comfortable pool as there are steps into the water and for relaxation or when you want to watch others take a bath, you can sit on the bench situated next to the hot pool.