lake tarawera eruption

Lake tarawera buried village

Visiting the Lake Tarawera Buried Village

Back in the year 1848, Christian missionaries in New Zealand built a model village known as Te Wairoa. Their dream of having this village for centuries to came were cut short in the year 1846 when the catastrophic event of Mt. Tarawera eruption buried it together with other villages. The eruption is said to have killed more than 150 people, it buried Te Wairoa as well as the famous pink and white terraces. This eruption is what created the Lake Tarawera buried village.


Today, this is one of the most beautiful and unique sites that you can visit. It is an archaeological site in New Zealand that is said to be the most visited there. It’s a perfect chance to relive the memories of the disastrous eruption just like you were there. By looking at the Lake Tarawera map, you will see that this is a must visit attraction site.


One advantage of visiting the buried village is that you do not have to be old to get lost into history as there is something for everyone. Walking in the archaeological site and seeing how the landscape is taking shape more than a century after the eruption will make you appreciate nature more. Here it does not matter what your tastes; age or preferences are, you will have fun at the Lake Tarawera buried village. 


Once at the buried village, you do not have to worry about going hungry or thirsty. You will dine in tranquil native bush as you take in fresh air. If you have never tasted Devonshire tea, this is the perfect place to do so. There are perfectly appointed tea rooms where you can rest as you take your tea. 


Kids play


Visiting the buried village as a family does not mean that your little ones will get bored in history. Toddlers may not understand everything about the village, but they will love the tour and playing at the kid’s playground. It is just adjacent to the tearooms and you can watch over them.

Relics at the Buried Village Museum 

At the Buried Village Museum, you will see the relics of the site as you listen to the interesting stories about the events. The stories are interactive this you can ask anything that you wish. This is one of the most sought after sites in Lake Tarawera and your trip will not be complete without a visit to this village. You can take a look at the Lake Tarawera map to get to the museum.

Visiting the Buried Village 


Whether it is during winter or summer, you can visit the Lake Tarawera buried Village. From October to March which is summer time, you can visit every day between 0900 hours and 1700 hours while during winter which is from March to September, you can visit between 0900 hours and 1630 hours. Apart from Christmas Day, the village is opened everyday which is of great convenience to visitors. Even at closing, you can continue exploring until you have had enough.